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October 16, 2018

On October 17th, pasta enthusiasts everywhere are excited to celebrate National Pasta Day. And what better way to celebrate this day than with a heaping plate of delicious pasta? Although most people associate pasta with Italy, pasta actually has a long tradition in Greece as well.

This National Pasta Day, check out some of the most famous Greek pasta dishes and learn more about the fascinating history of pasta in Greece. Pasta has been eaten in Greece ever since the ancient times. Ancient Greeks had a kind of primitive pasta in the form of a grilled batter they called “laganum.”

And in the days before refrigeration was invented, pasta was an agrarian necessity in the Greek countryside. For large and hungry families, pasta was a way to ensure that there was always something to eat that was simple to store and easy to prepare. Most Greek pasta was made and dried at the end of the summer, and eaten over the course of months. Some pasta, however, was made and eaten fresh.

Today, there is a vibrant pasta culture in Greece that rivals the one in Italy in terms of regional diversity as well as the variety of shapes and dishes. For example, the traditional pasta dishes in the eastern Aegean islands feature noodle-like pasta served in tahini sauce. In other parts of the country, such as Rhodes and Corfu, pasta is prepared with beans and lentils. And throughout various parts of Greece, there are traditional regional dishes that feature pasta prepared with cheese, cooked with meat, or even baked into pies. There are even sweet pasta dishes.

If you’re intrigued by the world of Greek pasta, then you should experience it for yourself at Nerai. We offer two scrumptious pasta dishes that have an authentic Greek twist.

You can try our pastitsada, a delicious and hearty casserole made of meat and pasta that is popular in Corfu. At Nerai, our pastitsada is made with beef short rib, tomato sauce, and Paccheri pasta. You can also sample our delicious lobster pasta, a staple of nouveau Greek cuisine that is commonly enjoyed on the Greek islands in the summertime. At Nerai, our lobster pasta is prepared with squid ink pasta, creamy sauce, and fresh lobster tail.

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