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May 15, 2020

Whether you have been enjoying soft shell crabs for years or are trying them for the first time, these delicate and flavorful crustaceans are a timeless and delicious summertime treat. Making their grand appearances in the spring to early summer months, these delicate and flavorful crustaceans have a rich, buttery sweetness and tender, flaky meat.

While their versatile flavor profile makes them perfect for broiling, grilling, or sauteing, soft shell crabs are most often enjoyed fried to golden perfection.

In a recent article that featured Nerai’s soft shell crab dish, the Wall Street Journal shares that, “New Yorkers have come to embrace the mid-spring arrival of soft-shell crabs as one of the culinary highlights of the calendar”.

The Wall Street Journal goes on to share that, “soft-shell crabs are a delicacy enjoyed throughout the world, but they have become especially popular in the U.S. during the past couple of decades”.

Nerai welcomes back this mid-spring seasonal special accompanied by a cucumber slaw and dill yogurt flavored with ouzo, a Mediterranean aperitif.

While we highly recommend indulging in this dish, our Wine Director and General Manager, Michael Coll has paired this dish with three distinct bottles of wine that are sure to elevate your dining experience to the next level.

Michael shares that,

Pairing a rich dish, such as this, we must take into consideration the cooking method as well as the ingredients. The soft-shells are lightly fried, adding richness to the already full flavor of the crab. The ouzo-yogurt will coat the mouth, adding another element to contend with in the dish. Firstly we will need a wine that is flavorful enough to handle the richness of the dish, and one that also has enough acidity to cut through the fat, acidity in wine will have a similar effect that a squeeze of lemon would have on the food, cleansing the palate before you savor the next mouth watering bite. A few wines from our cellar that will pair with the dish, and are available to purchase with your order.

Medium body, Old world style sauvignon blanc, mineral laced citrus fruit, harmonious, balanced and fresh. $23

Medium-full, tropical notes, along with more classic orchard fruit, rich, textured, with a touch of oak. Underlying minerality gives the concentrated fruit a racy feel across the palate and a clean finish. $27

Organic, Medium bodied, five different grapes, twelve vineyard sites, mostly old bush vines. The palate is influenced by the fynbos, the indigenous herbs and flowers that dominate the western cape, jasmine, honeysuckle and fennel. Broad on the palate, with unctuous fruit intermingling with the mineral vein that runs through the core of the wine. $37

You can find the wines recommended above by clicking on the wine. The link will direct you the Nerai website ordering page. From here, please click "Wines (Retail Pricing)" to order a bottle of wine to pair with the Soft Shell Crab.

Click Here to order our seasonal special, Soft Shell Crab.

Soft Shell Crab