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May 20, 2020

Indigenous to the shores of Greece, lavraki pronounced (Lah – VRAH – kee), a Mediterranean sea bass is considered to be one of the most popular fishes and a signature main dish at many seaside Greek tavernas. While it is somewhat more expensive than some of the other fishes, locals would argue that it’s worth the indulgence.

Interestingly, this fish name typically changes depending on which country you find yourself in. Lavraki is also known as Branzino in Northern Italy and Spigola in other parts of Italy, Bar or Loup de mer in France, and Robalo in Spain and Portugal.

The cultivation of these European favorites have been evolving for a couple thousand years. Further, lavraki were historically cultured in coastal lagoons and tidal reservoirs before the race to develop the mass-production emerged in the late 1960s in countries like France and Italy. Today, lavraki is the second most popular upscale farmed fish in the world, after salmon.

Renowned for its delicate, white, flaky texture and deliciously mild flavor, lavraki is traditionally grilled and served whole. At Nerai, we simply prepare and grill our lavraki, this way you’ll experience why the lavraki is one of the most beloved fish in the world - with its moist flesh, and delicate, slightly sweet flavor. Further, we serve the fish with sautéed spinach, garnish with capers, sprinkle with oregano and dress the grilled fish with a little ladolemono, equal parts olive oil and lemon juice, thus we want to take this into account when we decide which wine we will choose to it pair with.

Our Wine Director, recommends that the best wines to pair with the lavraki are those that possess similar attributes, delicate fruit, citrus (is a plus), and with a clean minerality. Below are some wines that pair well with our lavraki, and are available on our website:

Organic, light-bodied, aromatic, floral, with soft minerality and a clean finish. $20

Medium bodied, dominated by its firm steely minerality, structured, with a crisp clean citrus finish. $34

 Organic, medium bodied, Structured, with firm minerality. Clean and bracingly dry, with notes of summer stone fruits, and a saline finish. $35

You can find the wines recommended above by clicking on the wine. The link will direct you to the home page of our website. Please choose either DELIVERY or PICKUP in the top right hand corner. From here, please click "Wines (Retail Pricing)" to order a bottle of wine to pair with the Lavraki.

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