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September 16, 2020

Cool weather calls for warm and hearty pasta and our rich and savory Short Rib Youvetsi is the delicious braised beef stew you’ll be craving during the winter months.

Yiouvetsi or Giouvetsi derived from the Turkish word guvec translates to ceramic pot, which in this case is the type of clay vessel that a beef stew with orzo pasta would be cooked in. The word Yiouvetsi, which is more commonly used in Greece, once described the traditional, deep, round, fired clay or casserole pots the dish was cooked in, but over the years has grown towards describing the preparation of this casserole dish, a slow-cooked dish of meat and pasta, instead. This dish is traditionally made with lamb, beef, or chicken, orzo or hilopites (small square noodles), in a rich and fragrant tomato sauce seasoned with allspice, sometimes cinnamon, cloves or bay leaves, beef stock, and red wine.

This one pot dish is one of Greece’s most popular dishes and is considered the equivalent of a delicious Sunday roast. Further, this hearty, melt in your mouth comfort food, is sure to warm you up as the weather cools down. At Nerai, our Yiouvetsi features tender braised short rib served over tomato confit orzo and sprinkled with piave vecchio cheese. Join us outdoors in the fall-like weather or stay in the comfort of your own home by ordering delivery.

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