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Celebrate Greek Easter at Nerai

March 29, 2018

Greek Easter will be taking place this year on Sunday, April 8th. Nerai will be hosting Greek Easter Eve celebrations on Saturday, April 7th. We will be playing lively Greek music, courtesy of DJ Sava, starting at 9 p.m. At midnight, we will break the fast with traditional magiritsa soup and a special menu of Greek specialties.

For those who are not familiar with Greek Easter, this is a holiday that holds incredible importance for many members of the Greek community. Since Eastern Orthodox churches abide by the Julian Calendar rather than the western Gregorian Calendar, Greek Easter falls on a different date than the Easter holiday that is typically celebrated in the United States. Greek Easter is a festive and family-centered event that is celebrated with many deeply-loved traditions.

Eggs play an important role in Greek Easter. In the Orthodox tradition, eggs are a symbol of new life. For Greek Easter, hard-boiled eggs are dyed a deep red color to represent the blood of Jesus Christ. And at parties, a game called tsougrisma is commonly played where people tap their red-dyed egg against another person’s egg. The person who successfully cracks the other’s egg is declared the winner, and it is said that they will have good luck in the coming year.

Food also features a prominent role in celebrations of Greek Easter. After the midnight church service on Saturday night, people typically break the fast by feasting with friends and family on traditional foods such as lamb, feta cheese, red dyed eggs, Greek Easter bread, and the delicious magiritsa soup. The feast starts at midnight on Saturday night and continues until the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Stop by Nerai on Saturday evening to celebrate Greek Easter and break the fast with your friends and family in an energetic and convivial atmosphere, full of mouth-watering food and upbeat music.

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