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Escape from reality on the tranquil shores of Skopelos

September 11, 2018

For those seeking an oasis of calm and relaxation, Skopelos is the perfect island escape. In fact, you can’t even fly to the island directly since there isn’t an airport. Instead, you arrive by ferry at a picturesque harbor, with a magnificent view of the hillside sprawl of white houses topped with terracotta tiles.

The island itself is quiet and tranquil, but there’s no shortage of things to see and do. Adventure seekers can hike and explore the many narrow paths through the forest that lead to chapels, monasteries, and mysterious pirate graves. Beach bums, on the other hand, would be pleased to find that Skopelos offers a number of stunning beaches where they can sunbathe, swim, and kayak to their heart’s content.

Foodies can revel in the delightful food that Skopelos has to offer — in particular, the plums. Citrus groves can be found all over the island and there are three major plums that people consume — the black plum, the red plum, and the yellow plum. These plums are often used to make jam, prepared in pastries such as plum pies or plum cakes, dried and sold as sweets, served along with chicken and pork dishes, or simply eaten as fresh fruit.

From its unique dishes to azure waters to rugged forests, Skopelos is simply brimming with charm and character. In fact, Skopelos is so endearing that it was chosen to be the main shooting location for “Mamma Mia!” in 2007. Most of the outdoor scenes in the movie were filmed at various beaches and towns on Skopelos. The film’s star-studded cast even stayed at the accommodations on the island and frequented the local shops. Many of the locals fondly recall having Meryl Streep and Colin Firth in their bars and restaurants.

Fans of the movie can flock to identifiable spots on the island to take a closer look at the sites where their favorite film was shot. For example, many people visit the iconic Saint John Chapel where the beautiful wedding scenes were filmed. Tourists also enjoy exploring the shores of Kastani beach, where the character Tanya sang “Does Your Mother Know” in the movie. 

Yet, despite being the filming location of a widely beloved movie, Skopelos has largely retained its authenticity. There are very few “Mamma Mia!” themed tours, and most locals prefer to keep it that way. However, there are certainly plenty of opportunities for intrepid fans of the movie to hunt down the spots where some of their favorite scenes were filmed and relive the magic of “Mamma Mia!” for themselves. There’s no denying that Skopelos is the perfect place to escape from reality.

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