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Explore the timeless beauty of Santorini

June 7, 2018

It’s summertime, which means that it’s time to start dreaming about balmy blue water, seaside lunches, and endless relaxation.

Santorini is the ultimate place for a summer vacation. With its instantly recognizable white architecture and elegant blue domes, this Greek island is a beautiful and serene location to kick back and relax.

Located in the Aegean Sea, Santorini was created by a series of volcanic eruptions that carved out a massive caldera in the sea, leaving towering cliffs along the east side. Once circular, the island is now crescent shaped.

Today, Santorini is considered the most sought-after place for a romantic getaway — and it’s not difficult to see why. Clusters of whitewashed buildings at dizzying heights spill down the steep cliffside, offering stunning views over the vibrant blue Aegean Sea.

And the cliffside hotels — with their private infinity pools and plunge pools overlooking the edge of the caldera — simply exude classic elegance.

Along the streets of the capital town, Fira, there are a number of these luxury hotels, as well as rooftop restaurant terraces from which you can slowly sip a glass of rosé while enjoying the spectacular views before you.

Santorini is renowned not only for its breathtaking views, but also its delicious wines. There are dozens of local wineries that host wine tastings.

Santorini is best known for its crispy dry whites and amber-colored dessert wine called Vinsanto, both of which are made from the indigenous grape variety, Assyrtiko.  

A vacation to Santorini should be at the top of everyone’s summer bucket list, and the photos alone are enough to spark wanderlust.

However, even if you are stuck in New York this summer, you can still get a taste of the Santorini experience at Nerai.

Our elegant Mediterranean-inspired decor, light and flavorful traditional Greek fare, and dazzling variety of authentic Greek wine will transport you from the bustling hubbub of New York to the balmy shores of Santorini in no time.

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