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June 26, 2016

Nerai is pleased to present its first art exhibition, consisting of selected pieces of art created by two distinguished Greek artists. This art exhibition is a part of a larger initiative led by co-founder Spiros Menegatos to support artists from Greece.

Andreas Theologitis “Hellenic Boats”
Andreas Theologitis “Full Moon”
Acrylic and Liquid Glass on Canvas
Petros Santos “Little-Pond”
Acrylic and Liquid Glass on Canvas
Petros Santos “Kaleidoscope”
Acrylic and Liquid Glass on Canvas
Petros Santos “Fenced Sky”
Andreas Theologitis “Presence of the Wind”

Professional artists are among the most vulnerable victims of the current economic crisis in the country.  The state has no funds to support the art community, which results in talented artists abandoning their trade. Through this exhibition, Nerai aspires to give a variety of professional Greek artists the chance to exhibit their work and share the artistic side of Greek culture and tradition with the the world.

Nerai’s first periodic exhibition starts by presenting the masterpieces of the Greek photographer Andreas Theologitis and the Greek painter Petros Santos.  Each of the pieces on display is available for purchase, and interested parties should please contact us for further information.

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