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It’s all about the spreads

May 8, 2018

At Nerai, one of our most popular appetizers consists of grilled pita bread and a choice of three traditional Greek dips and spreads. Greek spreads combine a medley of lush and healthy ingredients like eggplants, chickpeas, and other herbs and vegetables into delicious, flavorful creations that are perfect to pair with pita bread.


From the classic hummus dip to the spicy feta spreads to the light and refreshing tzatziki, Nerai offers a dazzling and extensive selection of authentic Greek dips and spreads that add a Mediterranean flair to any meal. With seven spreads on the menu, it can be hard to decide which ones to choose. Read more to learn about the different kinds of Greek spreads offered at Nerai.



Arguably one of the most traditional Greek spreads, tzatziki is a light and refreshing dip made of shredded cucumber, yogurt, mascarpone cheese, confit garlic, chopped dill, and sherry vinegar. Tzatziki is a creamy, cold, and tangy spread, making it a perfect choice for the summertime.



The perennial favorite across much of the Middle East, hummus is a blend of mashed chickpeas and tahini, cumin, garlic, citric acid. Garnished with red onion in olive oil with paprika and dehydrated chickpeas, the hummus at Nerai is both healthy and delicious.



A garlicky, tangy mashed potato dip, skordalia is a thick and flavorful puree made out of a base of whipped potatoes, combined with almond slivers and saffron. It is flavored with confit garlic, sherry vinaigrette, dried brioche bread, and then garnished with toasted almond slivers, chives, and paprika. At Nerai, our skordalia is blended with a small amount of egg yolk to add a richer texture.


Spicy Feta

This spicy and creamy dip is made of shredded feta, manouri, chili flakes, diced red pepper, yogurt, and cream. Then it is garnished with dried chili and micro greens. The creamy, delicious feta cheese combines with the spicy peppers to create a dip that is at once cool and fiery.



Made out of tiny pink carp roe, this unique spread is blended with soaked brioche, red onions, lemon juice, and olive oil, and then it is garnished with red tobiko and chopped chives. The dip is creamy, with a texture similar to mayonnaise, and a hearty, salty, and rich taste.



This is a simple and light dip made out of yellow split peas, carrots, red onion, garlic, bay leaf, red wine vinegar, and rosemary and lemon zest. The fava dip is deceptively basic, but extremely smooth, creamy, and satisfying to eat with pita bread.



A tasty and delicious spread, melitzanosalata is made from baby eggplants roasted over an open fire. The eggplants are then peeled and blended with Greek yogurt, lemon juice, shallots, garlic, and parsley. The smokiness of the roasted eggplants combines with the pungent flavor of garlic, the rich creaminess of the Greek yogurt, and freshness of the lemon juice and parsley to create a spread that is guaranteed to please.

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