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Revel in the lush greens and rich aquamarines of Corfu

September 6, 2018

The Greek islands are well-known for their signature colors of white and blue. As a matter of fact, when most people imagine a romantic getaway to a Greek island, they envision whitewashed walls and blue-colored domes. Green, however, is not a color that usually comes up. Due to the dry climate on most of the islands, the landscape is usually fairly barren and devoid of greenery.

In that respect, Corfu is notably different from the other Greek islands. This unique island, the second largest in the Ionian Sea, boasts not only white sand beaches and azure waters but also lush greenery that carpets the entire island. Thousands of olive trees flourish on Corfu, thanks to the torrential rains that the island experiences from September to June.

As a result, Corfu absolutely glistens with bright jewel tones. From aquamarine waves glittering under the midday sun to the green trees coating the mountainous landscape, there is no shortage of colorful sights to behold.

There are plenty of ways for people to explore the natural beauty of Corfu. There is a plethora of beaches ideal for relaxing, windsurfing, kayaking, and paddle-boarding. Some of the beaches even offer scuba diving. People can also explore the island’s flora and fauna on foot or by bicycle. Adventurous travelers can head to Pantakratoras Mountain, the highest point of the island, to get a good hike in and explore the monastery on top of the mountain.

But Corfu is not only visually gorgeous. It is also the site of many landmark events throughout the history of Greece. Ever since the medieval times, this island was the site of many protracted struggles and wars against the Ottoman Empire. And in fact, Corfu was the only part of the entire country that never fell under the rule of the Ottoman Turks.

Today, there are many attractions and museums on Corfu that bear witness to this rich history. One of the top highlights on the island is the 15th century Old Fortress, the Venetian fortress that successfully repulsed the three major Ottoman sieges in 1537, 1571, and 1716.

Other impressive historic sites include the Achilleion, a museum filled with paintings and statues of Achilles that was built by the Empress of Austria, as well as the Archaeological Museum, which houses the remains of a temple to Artemis. Corfu is even home to the only museum in the entire country of Greece that is dedicated to Asian art.


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