Nerai for Dinner – Simple yet Sublime

Looking for a meal that is simple and unaffected, but also decadent and delicious? Nerai’s executive chef Chris Christou has created a blend of Greek traditional food that boasts a Mediterranean flair, with dishes ranging from the wholesome and plain to the rich and exotic.

While many dishes have become local favorites, there is an always changing undercurrent to the Nerai menu, and even frequent visitors can miss out on a new dish if they don’t pay attention. Here are a few plates you may not have sampled, that you should really try in your next evening out or business lunch at Nerai.

  1. The Maine Lobster Salad. This incredibly simple yet rich and filling dish contains a generous serving of lobster dolma, plenty of sweet corn, fresh avocado and a delightful lobster vinaigrette drizzled across it for a decadent, cool meal on a hot day.
  2. The Cretan Spiced Scallops. The fresh, unusual dish includes ouzo honey glazed pork belly for extra flavor and a sunchoke puree for a flavorful accent. It’s a must try dish.
  3. The Slow Braised Short Rib Hash. Available on the brunch menu, this hearty meal includes a tender fried egg, crisp home fires, and a side of kefalograviera (a delicious hard sheep’s milk cheese).
  4. The Meze Menu. Too many small plates to list; a combination of any is a full meal, and a variety can be cobbled together for the entire table to enjoy without the need for accompanying entrees. Try the cold Tuna Tartare, the hot Saganaki Sticks, the grilled Octopus, the wrapped Duck Baklava and the fresh Shrimp cocktail with house made cocktail sauce for a delightful combination of flavors and textures.
  5. The Lavender Mousse. This light, delicate dessert features lavender honey, pineapple and pecans for a perfect ending to almost any meal.
  6. The Persephone. This cocktail blends St. Germaine with prosecco and pomegranate for a colorful, surprisingly tart drink that can cleanse the palate between bites and enhance your dining experience.

Whether you are visiting Nerai for the very first time or returning to a beloved destination, there is always a new dish to enjoy and new tastes to explore. Make your reservation today.

Mediterranean Dining – Flavor and Flair

The Mediterranean is undoubtedly a food mecca – the flavors and variety are beyond compare, with a heavy Greek influence blended seamlessly with Middle East transplant and a bit of old Spain and Italy. Tomatoes, olive oil, herbs and fresh fish and bread are staples, but there are many surprises to be found in Mediterranean cuisine.

The Meat

While fresh caught seasonal fish are a must have, there are plenty of options for meat eaters at Nerai, including:

  • Beef (Short Rib Yiouvetsi or Meatballs, Filet Mignon)
  • Lamb (Chops and Burgers)
  • Fowl (Duck Moussaka or Baklava, Chicken Skewer)

The Vegetables

Veggies are prepared with incredible sauces and herbs, and served as a side dish or meze; just a few of the offerings at Nerai include:

  • Zucchini and Eggplant (deep fried as Chips Nerai)
  • Spinach (Sautéed, or in a small pie with feta cheese)
  • Potatoes (Kataifi, mashed with Feta, cooked with lemon, or fried)
  • Butternut squash (puree)
  • Haricot verts (green string beans, cooked lightly)
  • Asparagus (grilled)
  • Red peppers (roasted)

The Salads

A salad can be the precursor to an entrée or a full meal when combined with the right side dishes. Try:

  • Greek Salad (with feta, cucumbers, olives, red onions, rye and ladolemono)
  • Grape Arugula (with goat cheese, hazelnuts, and grapefruit vinaigrette salad)
  • Main Lobster Salad (with lobster dolma, sweet corn, avocado and lobster vinaigrette)
  • Feta Melon Salad (with watermelon, prosciutto, mache, and shallot sherry vinaigrette)

Mediterranean cuisine can bring together the old world and the new at Nerai. Enjoy a new dish every time you visit!

The Meze Bar Menu – Elegant, Social Dining at Nerai

Nerai has just introduced a new Meze Bar Menu – a collection of delicious dishes designed to make dining congenial and social. While in many cultures a “mezze” is simply a round of appetizer dishes, at Nerai the style is more Greek in fashion – meaning an entire meal can be enjoyed in shared format.

There are five categories of dishes on the Meze Menu at Nerai: cold, chilled, wrapped, crispy and grilled. By choosing at least one dish from each category, a full meal can be had by even a small group, with everyone getting the chance to enjoy a wide variety of tastes and textures.


Greek Shrimp CocktailNerai is renowned for its fresh seafood. Enjoy half a dozen oysters (Bluepoint, Wellfleet, Kumamoto, or Kushi); a jumbo shrimp cocktail, or a lobster cocktail featuring half of a 1.5 pounds of fresh Maine lobster.


A traditional Greek salad, a Grape arugula salad, a fresh tuna tartare or a platter of pita bread with spreads including the ever popular Tzatziki, hummus or Spicy Feta is next on the menu, in keeping with Greek tradition.


Fin phyllo pastry and exotic fillings: choose from spinach pies, Brie cheese pies, or a decadent duck baklava. Nerai specializes in bringing modern flair to traditional Greek plates.


Some crunchy, savory samplings are next – try Saganaki sticks, zucchini Kefte, shrimp Loukoumades, or our very own Chips Nerai (zucchini and eggplant sliced thinly, fried until crisp, and served with a light Tzatziki sauce.)


Mediterranean cuisine at its finest: enjoy Alaskan king crab, grilled octopus, or lamb chop “lollipops”, all grilled to perfection and not a second longer.

Pair your choices with ouzo or mastiha based cocktails, or order a few bottles of authentic Greek wine from our select stock to enjoy with your meal. The Meze Bar is the perfect way to spend an evening with friends or family at Nerai.

The Best Seafood in New York – Nerai’s Fresh-Sourced Cuisine

Are you looking for the freshest seafood in New York? You may have to look no further than Nerai – the modern Greek restaurant that took the city by storm, and only gets better with each passing year.

In the best Greek tradition, Nerai offers the freshest seafood flown in daily. A sampling of the dishes offered includes:

  • Lavraki from Greece
  • Mediterranean Dorado
  • Black Tiger shrimp from the Pacific
  • Live Langoustine from Scotland
  • Fagri from Greece
  • Live Lobster from Maine

Greek SeafoodEach seafood dish is prepared to specifications of the guest, and plenty of fresh, delicious sides are available to complement each plate.

Try the Norwegian Cod, which is a new take on the traditional “Bakaliaros.” Here, the fish is carefully pan-seared for a crisp skin, topped with freshly made orange-ouzo glaze, and served with delicate skordalia wrapped in beets. The result is similar to a sushi roll, and even more delicious.

The Lobster Orzotto is a guest favorite; consisting of one pound of butter poached lobster paired with slowly simmered orzo and drenched in a saffron lobster bisque, it is reminiscent of traditional “Lobster Kritharotto.”

Don’t forget to pair your fish with a light cocktail; Nerai’s fine drink menu includes not only curated wines from Greece and elsewhere, but delicious cocktails that range from sweet to sharp.

Not in the mood for seafood? Not to worry, Nerai has plenty of other dishes certain to delight. Book a reservation now, and find out how flexible Greek cuisine can be.

A Mediterranean Getaway… in the Heart of New York

It’s not necessary to book a cruise halfway around the world to experience a taste of the Mediterranean. Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Nerai is the perfect blend of traditional Grecian fare and light, Mediterranean food served in a special oasis that is both elegant and eclectic.

Located at 54th Street and Madison Avenue, Nerai was recently ranked as one of Trip Advisor’s top 20 restaurants in New York City. Offering Lunch and dinner (and more recently, breakfast and brunch), the restaurant blends old world food with interesting modern twists.

The menu is always fresh, with new dishes added regularly, and old favorites drawing visitors back time and again. While seafood dishes are in the majority, there is plenty of hearty fare including short ribs, roast chicken, and more served up alongside fresh sides and traditional pita bread. The drink menu is varied and exciting, with delicate cocktails and a wine list that draws heavily from some of Greece’s finest vineyards.

The airy, multi-level space offers a variety of seating options; the dining rooms upstairs are both comfortable and upscale. One boast vaulted ceilings, whitewashed walls and a matching canopy, and accents of Mykonos blue; the other features pressed sea grass lit from below, dark wChris Cristouood, white-pillowed banquets and a white washed bamboo ceiling.

The main dining room revels in a nautical theme, and is full of New York’s elite, meeting for business lunches, friendly dinners, romantic dates and more. Executive Chef Chris Christou is hands on and involved, bringing his considerable talents and experience to bear on creating a menu and a presentation that is unmatched.

Can’t take time off for that European cruise this summer? Reserve plenty of fine dining at Nerai, for the Mediterranean feel right in New York.

Chilled and Grilled – Dinner Options at Nerai

Summer is fast approaching, and what could be better than a meal that combines the best of a cold appetizer with the best of a hot-off-the-grill entrée? Nerai is proud to present menu items in keeping with the season.

First, the chilled:

A half dozen oysters can start off a meal on proper fashion. Choose either East Coast (blue point / wellfleet) or West Coast (kumamoto / sushi). Alternately, a cocktail made with shrimp and cocktails sauce or featuring a ½ of a 1 lb lobster might be more to your taste. Crab lovers can opt for the Alaskan King crab drenched in clarified butter and lemon.

Next, the grilled:

Grilled Lavraki

Grilled Lavraki

Lavraki is Mediterranean sea bass, which is expertly grilled, then deboned and filleted. Our Dover Sole is char grilled bone-in, then delicately filleted and served with beurre blanc. Shrimp lovers will be delighted with 2 huge Black Tiger shrimp grilled head-on, or try the Fagri – a deboned and filleted Mediterranean red sea bream.

A combination of any chilled appetizer and grilled entrée is certain to make your evening’s meal come out perfect. You can make multiple bookings over the summer to try out every possible duo on the menu!

Don’t forget to check our menu often as we add new items frequently and changes occur as the seasons pass by. We strive to bring you the best in Greek and Mediterranean food year round.


Celebrate Graduation at Nerai

Is your son or daughter walking across the stage this year? You can show them how proud you are by inviting them to dinner at the most elegant Greek restaurant in New York – Nerai.

The ambience is completely grown-up, and fine dining is presented with flair by a master Greek chef when you visit. Each dish is prepared with care, with a nod to Greek tradition and a healthy dose of Mediterranean flavor.

Encourage your newly fledged progeny to sample a wide range of tastes, from appetizers like Chips Nerai (eggplant and zucchini sliced thin and fried, then served with a fresh tzatziki sauce) to the delicious seasonal fish prepared to order.

The salads never disappoint. The pita bread is always fresh and warm. The dips and spreads are fresh, bursting with flavor, and true to authentic Greek recipes while still managing to infuse a little uniqueness.

For college graduate, a cocktail might be in order. Specialty cocktails at Nerai come with a side order of mythology or history, so be certain to ask the meaning behind your drink’s name.

Leave room for dessert. Traditional Portokalopita, delicious lavender mousse, and a light Greek yogurt ensure that everyone at the table finds something to their taste.

Your grad had to work hard to achieve their goals, but rewarding them is easy when you reserve dinner or a private party room at Nerai. Say congratulations and enjoy an evening out in honor of the occasion!

Weekend Brunch at Nerai

New York’s most exciting Greek and Mediterranean restaurant is once again expanding its offerings — this time for weekend brunch-lovers. Executive chef Chris Christou has put together a divine selection of delicious plates to seduce even the most discerning patron.

egg-bFirst, the beverages. A Bloody Mary, Persephone or Mimosa is gratis with brunch, and a range of cocktails are on offer, including a honey sweetened Greek Island Iced Tea, a blueberry-saturated Metaxa Blue, a vanilla frappe, or an Ouzo Sunrise with blood orange. Non-alcoholic drinks include a variety of fresh juices, a classic Greek frappe, or tea.

Order any of the following for the table: the restaurant’s trademark Chips Nerai, spinach pies, duck baklava, tuna tartare, or grilled octopus. Follow up with brunch specialty plates for each member of your party, including breakfast fare such as French toast, eggs prepared to order, Maine lobster Benedict or a Greek omelet; or luncheon dishes like an organic chicken skewer, Ora King salmon, or Kasseri Lamb Burger.

For lighter fare, choose between a Burrata Greek salad or our Grape Arugula salad. Side dishes include Applewood smoked bacon, truffle Feta fries, grilled asparagus, sautéed mushrooms, or home fries.

Don’t forget dessert. Choose from a dazzling array of sweets, from the simple fruit platter or the Greek yogurt to the decadent Fiji Apple Bougatsa or the creamy lavender mousse with pecans and pineapple.

Sunday brunch at Nerai is sure to become a staple of your weekend. Plan ahead now and invite your best friends and your family to join you for what promises to be a delightful weekend treat.

Girls Lunch Out, at Nerai

Grilled-OctopusLooking for the ideal upscale destination for excellent food in a sophisticated setting? Look no further. Nerai is the ideal restaurant for a group of friends looking to gather and share amazing Mediterranean fare and some scintillating conversation. The ambience is delightful, the food is “Modern Greek with a flair”, and you’ll never tire of new combinations as you work your way through the incredible menu options! The Prix Fixe Lunch offers plenty of delightful dishes to sample:

Course One

Start with a few appetizers for the table to share. You can’t go wrong with either the traditional warm, fresh Greek pita bread with a trio of spreads/dips (Hummus, Tzatziki and Feta), or Spinach pies (with crumbled feta and ouzo yogurt). Feeling a little more adventurous? The grilled octopus with chickpeas, onions, capers and roasted peppers is a favorite of NYC locals, or enjoy the short rib meatballs with tomato sauce and whipped goat cheese. (There are six more starter options including two salads, so plenty of room for experimentation!)

Course Two

The entrees as usual do not disappoint at Nerai; traditional Greek favorites and modern Mediterranean dishes abound. Choose from any of nine delicious plates, ranging from organic roasted chicken to King salmon, from lamb chops or a burger to fresh shrimp or fish prepared to order. Vegetarian? No problem! Try the risotto with Portobello mushrooms, roasted butternut squash and Mizithra. The grilled Shrimp Santorini Pappardelle is served with shimeji mushrooms, grilled zucchini and feta, and the grilled Cretan spiced scallops come with sunchoke puree and a shitake pastourma vinaigrette.

Course Three

Enjoy a light seasonal fruit plate, savor a dish of portokalopita (orange sponge filo cake topped with a bitter chocolate sorbet) or spoon up smooth, creamy Greek yogurt drizzled with wild thyme honey and sprinkled with candied pecans. Better yet, order all three and let the table share!

Girls day out at Nerai will become a monthly tradition you will be sure to pencil in and never miss.