Nerai for Corporate Lunch

Looking for a place to do business over a fine meal? Nerai offers an ideal environment for that corporate lunch, whether you are going one on one with a new potential client or taking the team out after a strategy meeting developed into a brainstorming session.

Our lunch Prix Fixe menu makes ordering easy, and you can enjoy it from 11:45 to 3:00 Monday through Friday. Choose a starter from the wide selection of 10 distinct choices (including the traditional soup or salad, the slightly more adventurous spreads in Pita bread or spinach pies, or the downright decadent short rib meatballs with whipped goat cheese).

Entrees include a variety of dishes starring lamb, chicken, shrimp or salmon, along with the more exotic options of whole grilled Lavraki or Cretan spiced scallops. A market vegetable plate with an inspired risotto is also on the menu for those who prefer to limit their meat consumption.Greek Lamb Chops

Finish the meal with a delicious dessert – perfectly portioned Portokalopita (a sponge cake served with dark chocolate sorbet and hazelnut), a mild Greek yogurt sweetened with wild thyme honey and sprinkled with candied pecans, or a fresh, cold, seasonal fruit plate.

The atmosphere at Nerai is perfect for the corporate lunch. The vaulted ceilings give a sensation of extra space, and the ambience is busy enough that you can hold a conversation without standing out but not loud enough that you can’t hear each-other.

The next time your business meeting runs long or you need a place to meet, skip the bar and head to Nerai. It’s an excellent alternative for professionals looking for a suitable place to talk business – and you won’t get a better meal anywhere else.

Seaonal Greek Dining at Nerai

Are you ready for fine winter dining? Nerai has deliciously prepared and elegantly served dishes that provide a unique and sophisticated Greek dining experience.

From the starter menu, enjoy a healthy dose of protein from the following:

  • Ouzo cured salmon with beet tzatziki, candied orange peel and shaved fennel salad
  • Duck moussaka with roasted eggplant and potatoes
  • Grilled octopus with chickpeas and roasted peppers
  • Tuna tartare with potato kataife and tarama espuma

The entrée menu has more hearty dishes with plenty of protein to keep you warm through the cold winter months:

  • Lamb chops with baby potatoes and asparagus
  • Short rib youvetsi with tomato confit and piave vecchio orzo
  • New York strip loin with butternut squash, oyster mushrooms and mavrodafni jus
  • Duck baklava with beluga lentils, pistachios, chantarelles and fig jus

Winter is nearly upon us, so get ready with hot, delicious, meat-filled meals prepared in classic Greek fashion with a Mediterranean twist from Nerai. Our dinner menu is rich with Greek food to tempt any palate and our lunch menu is Prix Fixe for convenience.

Guests may also reserve a dining room for private events and parties.

Meatless Mondays? Explore Nerai!

If you are trying to reduce meat consumption, but have a hard time finding a sophisticated restaurant with delicious meat-free choices, Nerai could be the answer. The wide range of vegetable based dishes, salads and appetizers that can be combined to make a great meal will delight!


You can always start your meal with warm, freshly baked pita bread and a selection of three spreads from our menu: Tarama, Tzatziki, Spicy Feta, Skorsalia, Hummus or Fava. For a large party, order two and enjoy all six! Follow the bread and spreads with a heaping order of Chips Nerai – fried zucchini and eggplant with fresh tzatziki sauce for dipping. Then order a plate of Saganaki (fried cheese) and a round of spinach pies with yogurt dip.

Nerai Restaurant New York CitySalads:

Want something a little lighter? Try our Greek salad, with Kalamata olives, rye croutons, feta cheese and oregano; or opt for the grape arugula salad with goat cheese, hazelnuts, and grapefruit vinaigrette. Feeling adventurous? Our rainbow beet salad with pears, walnuts and garlic yogurt is a classic!


Try our vegetable risotto, complete with morels and mizithra, or choose from our accompaniments to create a meatless meal: baby roasted potatoes, spinach rice, roasted rainbow beets, seasonal vegetables, grilled asparagus or oregano fries.


If you are simply trying to avoid meat from land animals and poultry, you can also select from any of our freshly prepared fish or seafood dishes. We have seasonal catch of the day, lobster, scallops, and more, just waiting for your order!

Don’t let “meatless Mondays” keep you home with a bowl of soup. Come to Nerai and enjoy excellent fare that still lets you maintain your goals!

The Mediterranean Diet: A Study in Contradictions

The Mediterranean diet seems counterintuitive to many of us raised in the United States. We’ve been warned repeatedly about the dangers of high fat diets – but the Greek food promoted by the Mediterranean diet can be high in fat! How does this work, and why are people from Greece, southern Italy and the surrounding Mediterranean areas so healthy?

The answer lies in the complete way of life and the way the foods in the Mediterranean diet work together to promote health. When the body is healthy, salt doesn’t influence blood pressure and increase the chance of heart disease, and when fats are the right kind, eaten in conjunction with other healthy foods, they can actually be part of a healthy heart diet!

Let’s look at Greek food… At Nerai, we prepare traditional Greek dishes with a Mediterranean twist, creating delicious masterpieces that still hold all the nutritional value you’d expect. From the dips and spreads served with wholesome pita, to the fried cheese, the freshly prepared seafood, and the decadent desserts, Nerai’s men is designed to be healthy and appetizing!

The salt used in Greek cooking is judicious. Olives, salt cured cheeses, anchovies, capers and salted fish roe are all welcome at the table, and don’t cause problems. Unless you are on a strict no-salt diet, you should be able to limit your intake by avoiding heavily salted foods and enjoying the rest of the multiple offerings!

As for fat, Mediterranean food is low in the dangerous saturated fats, and high in the healthier mono-unsaturated fats. Much of the fat content comes from healthy fish oils present in the seafood, or from olive oil, which is used heavily in Greek dishes and is considered one of the most beneficial sources of fat.

Even red wine, commonly served with Mediterranean fare, is thought to be helpful in moderation, containing flavonoids with powerful anti-oxidant properties. Dining out doesn’t have to be a break with a healthy diet – it can actually complement your dietary regimen!

Scientific research backs up the Mediterranean diet against traditional “low fat” diets common in the US. One study was even stopped prematurely and results released to the public because it was so successful in helping middle aged men drop weight, improve cholesterol, and increase heart health!

Make Nerai your Mediterranean food destination for that much anticipated night out. You’ll enjoy great food, drinks and desserts, and not have to feel guilty about it afterwards.

Delicious Greek Desserts at Nerai

The perfect finish to a sumptuous Greek meal is dessert. Greek desserts come in every conceivable style, providing something sweet for every. Try one of these delicacies at Nerai:

Loukoumades. These are the Greek take on a donut, small yeast risen spheres that are deep fried, much like a donut hole, then drizzled with honey while they are still warm and garnished with candied walnuts. These “honey puffs” are a traditional Greek dessert, and are served at Nerai on Saturdays only.

Saragli. This Greek dessert is a type of rolled baklava, with layers of hand rolled-flaky filo dough studded with almonds and pistachios and served with mastiha gelato. It’s rich and decadent, the perfect finish to a mild seafood meal.

Kataifi Ekmek. This is a chilled Greek dessert, consisting of a shredded filo pastry drenched in anise honey syrup. This sweet base is topped with mastiha custard, which is dotted with pistachios and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Portokolopita. Chopped filo and sweetened, cooked oranges are traditionally used for this Greek dessert; it’s a rich orange sponge cake topped with a bitter chocolate sorbet – the perfect blend of flavors to cleanse the palate.

Mousse. There are two options for mousse at Nerai – the lavender mousse, with pineapple carpaccio, lavender honey and carmelized pecans; or the mavro mousse, metaxa génoise and light chocolate mousse topped with cocoa powder and berries.

Sorbet, Gelato and Yogurt. Choose from a range of frozen flavors including mastiha, tahitian vanilla, pistachio, or ouzo; or try the delicious Greek yogurt drizzled with thyme honey and topped with chopped pecans.

These Greek desserts are a do-not-miss –if you are too stuffed to manage them at the table, ask for a boxed dessert to take home. You won’t regret it!

Party Plans? Private Events at Nerai

Having a New York City party? The Greek restaurant Nerai is ideal for a  luncheon or dinner engagement. It can accommodate from 75-150 people depending on whether you are holding a seated dinner or a cocktail reception.

The surroundings at Nerai are elegant and comfortable. Two private dining rooms can be combined for your event, each with their own exquisitely appointed décor.

The White room has crisp monochrome beauty and flowing lines; guests are seated or mingle underneath a twenty-five foot high vaulted ceiling covered by a billowing white canopy. Whitewashed walls feature high windows, bringing warmth to the space. Accents of Mediterranean blue flatter an interior that evokes the feeling of dining outdoors on Mykonos!

In contrast, the Midnight room is a serene setting that can be combined with the White Room for larger events. Guests can enjoy cocktails and appetizers under a whitewashed bamboo roof while the surrounding juxtaposition of pressed sea grass lit from below and hanging lanterns offers a romantic outdoor feeling. The white pillowed banquets continue the theme of purity and peaceful tranquility.

The main dining area includes with a full bar done in a subtle nautical theme. Again, the décor is clean and rich, and evokes a feeling of calm and joy. Nerai offers a simple per person setting ranging from $75 per person for cocktails foods and beverages to under $100 for seated service.

The well trained in house staff ensure your wedding event runs smoothly, and the food and drink are delicious. You can book the entire restaurant for your special event and relax knowing your guests will be well taken care of.

This venue is perfect for private functions where an intimate feel is wanted and a hassle free, elegant reception is desired. Nerai can provide the ideal spot for associates, friends or family to celebrate in, and you won’t regret booking our beautiful facility for your special party.

Greek Lunch at Nerai – Prix Fixe from a “Top 10 Power Lunch”

Looking for an entirely new lunch experience? This New York Greek restaurant has a dazzling array of freshly prepared dishes on their fixed priced lunch menu, including your choice of starter, entrée and dessert for $36 per person.

Nerai is known for its luxuriously appointed rooms, elegant bar and selection of fine cocktails. When you arrive, expect to be seated promptly in decadent surroundings and offered a menu. You can make your first selection from the delicious variety of starters, including seasonal and traditional salads, a soup of the day, warm pita bread with a selection of dipping sauces or spreads, or even a heartier plate heaped with short rib meatballs, spinach pies, or crisp cod croquettes.

Next are the entrees. You can’t go wrong with carefully sourced fish flown in daily from around the world, selected for excellence in freshness and flavor, and prepared by master chefs. If king salmon, grilled Lavraki or shrimp Santorini aren’t to your taste, try a tasty lamb burger, an organic chicken skewer, or a spring vegetable risotto. Nerai has something to suit every taste, the Greek influence tempered with a fresh Mediterranean flare.

Finish your meal with an exquisite dessert. Go brilliantly simplistic with the fresh seasonal fruit platter or try the wholesome, delicious Greek yogurt topped with candied pecans and drizzled with wild thyme honey. Alternately, plunge into decadence with the house dessert special – Portokalopita, a moist sponge cake drenched in orange syrup, topped with dark chocolate sorbet and sprinkled with caramelized hazelnut.

The prix fixe lunch at Nerai can be enjoyed over and over, with friends, family or co-workers. Mix and match the offerings for a new experience each time, and if you get to knock off work early on Friday, sample the expansive cocktail menu to add to the fun.